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Logo Design - Option 1

logo comp2-01.jpg

Logo Design - Option 2

logo comp-01.jpg


In 2019, through my workplace I was introduced to a great man named Stan. In 2020, he would ask me to come on board and be a head designer & social media manager for an exciting new theater chain, the MAXX Experience Revisited Theater. This would be located in the Branson, MO area and would be a place for local and national music and entertainment groups alike to perform live. I was then put in charge of designing the branding for this new theater - I decided to go for a design that would draw people in and also be something fresh and exciting, I had a couple of stationary ideas in mind that would allow for a universal scheme across the board, while also playing around with some potential digital designs as well, for billboards, neon signage and others. While the project itself wasn't able to be finished due to some unrelated circumstances, we are still hopeful to look at continuing this project in the future. 

proposals for print format logos

Logo Design Style Guide, Option 1

Style Guide 1 - 1.5-02.jpg
Stationary Mockups - Red

Logo Design Style Guide, Option 2

Style Guide 1 - 1.5.-01.jpg
Stationary Mockups - Yellow

Button Design

Button Mockup.jpg

Note Pad Design

Note pad.jpg

proposals for digital format logos & signage / displays

Digital Sign Design - Outdoor / Wall Display

Full Color-01.jpg
Neon Sign Mockup.jpg

Signage Design

Stand Up Mockup

Digital Sign / Billboard Design

Neon Sign Mockup

Print Design - Can Labels


Gold Foil Stamp

Gold Foil.jpg
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