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In 2022, I decided to give myself a challenge: between September 5 (when I started this challenge) & Halloween, I wanted to see if I could do 30 spooky doodles.


This would be anything spooky, both to get me into drawing on a regular basis again and also to get into the Halloween spirit. I did not give myself strict rules for this challenge, as I didn't want to burn myself out of drawing trying to do this. Sometimes the drawings were consecutive, and sometimes I skipped days. A couple times I did 2 spooks in 1 day.

My main goal was to have fun and give myself a challenge outside of what I was used to, which was usually taking over 6 months to complete one drawing. You can definitely tell in the first few days, I was still trying to figure out what style I wanted to go with.

While this originally became a 30 day challenge, I ended up finishing out the challenge at 27 finished doodles, which I actually completed at the end of October (Oct 30) instead of by Halloween. I found in the last week especially, it was hard to get myself to sit down & draw, which defeated the purpose of the challenge. So I didn't let being a couple doodles short defeat my efforts.

This was a great little challenge to do, and I can't wait to do another one like this in the future.

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